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In our fully equipped workshop we carry out electrical and mechanical repair work of electromagnets. We are specialized in rewinding and overhauling of all makes, types and sizes. We do structural remanufacturing as well as baking out (drying) of magnet coils. Please deliver your defect or worn lifting magnets or separators, we will come back to you with our quotation immediately, including a detailed listing of all necessary works. Once having received our non-binding proposal, you can make final decision of how to proceed, if you prefer to refrain from placing order for repair of magnet, we will not charge anything, neither for checking up of your magnet, nor for working out estimation of cost.

Our state-of-the-art workshop equipment includes internal machining and enable us to carry out all works at our own facilities, resulting in quick and cost efficient processing of all jobs. Among others we have available several welding machines being operated in combination with suction systems for welding smoke, one radial drilling machine, one drill press, one profile bending machine, one turning lathe, one welding rectifier and one plasma cutting machine. A spacious spray both insures, that your magnets will get a proper coating at the end of our repair works. Handling of internal material as well as dispatch onto and unloading of trucks is being effected via electric overhead travel crane which covers complete manufacturing area and by our two forklift trucks. All this enables our skilled personnel, to carry out all different type of arising works on highest quality level.

We are looking forward to convince you of our efficiency and to acquire you as our new client. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information requested, we ensure you of our best attention at all times. Upon request you can make use of our comfortable contact form.

Full repair of 3 pcs. U-type magnets with new coils
Painting of magnets in spacious spray booth
High-efficiency type magnet with dead weight of 6.9 t, after complete mechanical overhauling, with new lugs, pole repair and hardfacing
Magnetic Drum after electrical repair with 2 new coils
High-efficiency type magnet with dead weight of 8.5 t, after complete overhauling, with new coil, pole repair and hardfacing


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