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AdobA stands for quality.

Our goal is to fully satisfy our customers needs, this we achieve through the quality of our products and services, which are in accordance with their expectations. All weldings will be carried out by qualified and approved welders only, our internal European Welding Specialist is checking workmanship of welds continuously. This guarantees first class quality for this essential type of work.
Among other things, the high grade of quality will be ensured by detailed technical coordination, started by us with our clients at the beginning of each inquiry. Without listening to your specific requirements, it would be impossible providing customized type of equipment, tailored under consideration of all technical and economical aspects. Our corporate philosophy is being reflected as well in the technical quality of the delivered components as in respecting of delivery dates and fulfilling of commitments taken at the order. Our dedication to obtain the long-term loyalty of our clients, is bringing their demands in our primary focus.

Our internal processes are based on well proven standards, customer requirements, our knowledge and experience. Quality means for us, doing the detail from the beginning, thus preventing failures in the end. Avoiding failures is more important than eliminating defects later on, therefore we apply methods and tools for preventive quality assurance systematically. As our subsuppliers contribute substantially to the quality of our products and services, they have to accept our high quality standards as well. All this results in first class products, enabling our clients adapting their productivity to those of international market leaders.

The most important component of an electro magnet is the coil, therefore only first class material should be used for its manufacturing. Assembly of coil and magnet housing has to be effected with utmost accuracy. Essential is to check correct insulation strength , which will be done by us with a state of the art high voltage probe with a test voltage of 4.000 V, ensuring that only perfectly insulated magnets will leave our final inspection.
Making use of anodized aluminum strip for our coils, permits manufacturing of single layer coils, reducing voltage in-between the single windings and thus reducing sensitivity for critical over-voltages considerably. This very thin type interlayer insulation (3-5 µm) with best temperature and electrical strength has been be applied onto the raw aluminum strip by electrochemical process before winding of coil. Due to its thin type of insulation and shape of strip the (unwanted) waste heat of the coil can easily dissipate outwards because it is not detained by any additional heat retaining insulating material, which only acts like an air-gap and would result in strong heating up of the magnet. Our coil design guarantees best filling factor of useable coil material and so you will get effective type of magnets with low operating temperatures.

For electrical insulation and mechanical protection, all our coils will be fixed in the magnet housing by making use of a premium type and valuable casting compound, consisting of flexible silicone. We reject from making use of epoxy resin which is popular and cheap but will cause several disadvantages. As material will become very hard all impacts will be transferred onto coil directly and it is impossible to remove coil from magnet housing without destroying it. Due to flexible consistency of silicone, impacts, as being applied onto lifting magnets regularly, will be absorbed, resulting in improved average life expectancy. Best heat resistance and insulation strength are further advantages for making use of high-quality silicone material.

By standard housings of our rectangular type lifting magnets and separators are consisting of a sturdy welded steel structure made of steel with good magnetic permeability, tailored to the specific application.
As circular type magnets are typically being used for lifting of scrap and the quantity of material being lifted is proportionally to the size of magnet, here it is possible making use of standard type housings made of casted steel. As considerable investments for casting of housings and stock keeping are necessary, this type of product will be offered by few manufactures only. Major advantage for rugged type single piece casted housing is, that cross section of housing can be designed perfectly in accordance to magnetic flux requirements. The ribs of housing are increasing surface of the magnet by about one third, therefore heat can be dissipated easily, resulting in lower operating temperature of magnets and thus minimum reduction in lifting capacity, to provide maximum performance even under 3-shift operation. During rough handling of scrap, high stress will be applied onto magnet poles, especially when being on duty in cleaning / sweeping application. As steel of welded housings with good permeability is relatively soft (hardness of casted housings is better and wear accordingly less), we typically minimize wear of magnet poles of our circular welded type magnets by welding a layer of extremely hard welding rod upon complete pole surface. This wear protection will save money and downtime caused by repair of magnet otherwise. To reduce wear, casted housings are designed with oversized outer poles already, for that reason you will find diameter of magnets being bigger than standard.

For protection of sensitive magnet coil we install massive bottom plates made of low-wear, non-magnetic and high-strength type manganese steel.

For standard application our lifting magnets are designed with 75 % D.C. (duty cycle is the fraction of time that a system is in an active state), contrary to other products with 60 % or 50 % D.C. only. This high figure is being reached by making use of high-quality components with best temperature strength for manufacturing of our magnets, as described before. Even if effectively required D.C. of client will be below, higher value will provide the advantage, that magnet will not be operated frequently with max. performance, resulting in better lifting capacity due to its reduced operation temperature and longer average life expectancy of magnet coil.

A lifting magnet with reduced D.C. will heat up quickly, leading to negative effects as being described before. Design with 100 % D.C. would be possible but is not economical for lifting magnets and normally will be realized for separators only. Due to its high temperature strength, our magnets are not sensitive for exceeding of permissible D.C., the additional heating up will increase resistance of magnet coil and will cause a drop of power consumption accordingly, so that we have some kind of self-protection. At same application low-grade insulation material will burn, resulting in short circuit of magnet coil, making necessary a time-consuming and expensive repair job.

Our conventional type power supply stations / magnet controllers are being assembled out of quality components from well-known manufacturers. Best average life expectancy will be reached by oversized version with 100 % D.C., referring to power consumption of a cold magnet and due to the facts, that only minimum maintenance work is necessary and that each part can be exchanged separately. We recommend to avoid procurement of electronic type power supplies, which are sensitive to over-voltages, high ambient temperatures, electromagnetic noise and short circuit in many cases. As electronic power supplies are like a black box, it is not unusual that they cannot be repaired locally. Contrary to this our equipment can be repaired and maintained by each educated electrician.

A key item for quality of emergency power supplies / back-up batteries, is the type of batteries being used. To reduce maintenance and to optimize reliability we only install completely maintenance free / sealed type batteries without any ventilation caps. Those type batteries in conjunction with charging below gassing voltage will minimize the danger of finding dangerous concentration of flammable gases. You should avoid making use of non-sealed batteries, being maintenance free according to some standards only but not effectively, because there it is prescribed to have ambient conditions / temperatures you will never find in praxis.
Our battery buckets are made of a massive powder-coated, acid-proof steel plate construction with rubber bumpers to minimize vibrations being transmitted onto batteries and thermal insulation to minimize variations in temperature. Making use of high-class charging units with IU characteristic curve for fast and gently charging of batteries is obligatory for us.


High-voltage insulation test of magnet coil, test voltage 4.000 V
Comparison of coils made of round wire and coils made of strip


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