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Very welcome to AdobA


AdobA GmbH is a modern company located in western part of Germany, specialized in manufacturing of first class Electro-Lifting-Magnets and accessories for the international market. Our activities are focused on designing, manufacturing and installation of our customized products for a small and specialized target market. As our products are tailored for the specific requirements of our high demanding clients, we will be able to cover your requirements as well.

As we don’t concentrate on volume manufacturing of identical products, we start on each inquiry with learning about our client’s application and needs as much as possible and then adjusting design of equipment accordingly, resulting in proposals with best possible combination of technical and economical matters.

Our manufacturing facilities consist of a spacious workshop with additional warehouse, offices and further affiliated rooms. Complete workshop is covered by a 10 t electric overhead travel crane, additional access to 20 t cranes ensures possibility to manufacture and repair most heavy type magnets existing.

AdobA's factory is state of the art. All weldings will be carried out by qualified and approved welders only, our internal European Welding Specialist is checking workmanship of welds continuously. This guarantees first class quality for this essential type of work.

In being a turnkey supplier of design, as well as for the fabrication of complete systems, consisting of lifting magnets, electrical control units, back-up battery stations and accessories, AdobA effectively avoids many of the current pitfalls facing the industry. Please contact us, no matter if new equipment or refurbishing or replacing of existing equipment (all brands) is requested.

We are looking forward in receiving your inquiries, we ensure you of our quick and professional attention to all your requirements.

Corporate building
Lifting magnet equipment ready for shipment


AdobA GmbH  •  Oderstr. 11b  •  D-47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn / Germany

Fon: +49 (0)2845 9842320 • Fax: +49 (0)2845 9842324 • •